Combining AI, 5G, And Machine Vision To Transform Fish Farming

How you can combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and 5G to deliver real business benefits?

The company I want to talk about is Cermaq and they are a Norwegian salmon fishing company they are farming salmon and so delivering millions of portions of sustainable salmon every day. Basically what they do is, they’ve been running a very traditional business for many years where you have where you breed salmon then you put them into the sea pens out in the ocean where you then feed them and grow them until they’re big. The challenge was that some salmons would eat more food than others and therefore grow faster, so they didn’t really have an optimized growing path for all salmon.

What did they want to do?

They wanted to use technology and they said how can we use technology to make this whole process better and for me this is a great example because salmon is such a traditional business and How can they use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and 5G? One of the ideas they had is they wanted to monitor what is actually going on in the sea pen so things like the health of the salmon and put cameras in them, but in the past, they needed to have underwater C-cables to connect this.

Nowadays they are using 5G, so they have a 5G connection on out in the oceans that then trans transmit all the data back into their headquarters or to the shore where they can process this data and this has now enabled them to do completely new things.

One of the things they’re doing which are absolutely fascinating is Face Recognition for salmon which basically means that you can precisely feed the salmon so in the past some would eat more food others would get less food and therefore they would stay weaker and smaller. Nowadays they have automated machines the face recognition will spot the dots on the salmon’s head to automatically recognize them you them a bit like face recognition in humans so when they come to the feeding station they would give them a feeding pellet only if they have not eaten before, so you can really precisely automate the entire process which makes it more efficient better and it enables them to grow all the salmon at the same rate.

For me, a great example of combining Artificial Intelligence which helps to process the machine vision the camera data which then enables them to optimize their processes, and this is all facilitated by 5G.

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